Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Box of Spring

I found these beautiful red blossoms at the florist's and rushed them home to paint their portrait.  They had an interesting name and I saved the little description of them but, alas, it has been filed away beyond my reach.  However, the title, "A Box of Spring," reflects their confinement in a brown cardboard box, where they were for the duration of the painting.  I shone a spotlight on them and tried to show how wonderfully the cool of the light and the warm shadows of the box played with each other.  They are in a little fishbowl that used to have Siamese Fighting Fish in it, but now it holds these symbols of peace.


  1. Are they Lenten Roses? I've only heard of them from Southern painters, so I looked them up and they look like this! This is just gorgeous - I love your figures, too!

  2. Kelley, I've never heard of Lenten Roses! I just looked them up they very well might be, but they were sold under the official botanical name. If I find the tag, I'll send you the name. Thank you for your very kind words :-)