Monday, February 28, 2011

Sad Glads, A Color Study

Sad Glads are so named because they were getting a little tired and began folding in the middle, just giving up on standing tall. They were still so happy though, with their bright colors and sassy new blossoms! I had been wanting to catch them in their glory but, as often happens around here, more pressing matters were crowding the calendar. 
Still they stood, faithfully, hopefully~ making me long for them and silently offer passing promises as I zoomed by with my busyness.
Then, late in the afternoon, the low-set sun was streaming through the window, illuminating the flowers like pieces of stained glass, and that was that. It was too late to set up and paint them in the actual setting sun, it was too late to wait any longer on these tired stalks: it had to be now.
   I dropped what I was doing, scooped up the flowers and the bowl of fruit next to them, and off to the studio we went. I set them up with the light behind them, to reinact the effect of the setting sun. I mixed what colors I could see and was able to get most of the colors on the blooms from the five colors that you see on my palette: Cad Yellow, Cad Red, Pthalo Rose, Transparent Oxide Brown and Ultramarine Blue! I had other colors at the ready but really did not need them. Playing in piles of color is such a joy. Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope Sad Glads makes you happy today!