Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hamlet and the Remains of the Day

Thanksgiving was over and all that was left of the spiral-cut ham was the bone and the memory.  I thought I'd do a portrait of the remains after I was done with the dishes.  My family didn't understand.  To them, it was a piece of garbage.  To my dog, it was a mouthwatering temptation.  To me, it was a sculpture, a monument, a work of art! 
My hands were washing dishes but my mind was combining cadmium red and terra rosa, with maybe a drop of mauve blue shade... 
Over the days that it took to paint, the countenance of the ham bone changed; it seemed to get thinner and darker.  Hamlet, on the other hand, maintained the exact same expression during the vigil, never even blinking.


  1. the "wake" of the massacre :-/

  2. Hahahaha! Maybe he was hoping that if he sat as still as possible, he would not be noticed and escape the chopping block!

  3. Hahaha! "Alas, poor Yorick... but better he than I!"