Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tammy O'Shanter

Tammy O'Shanter, so named for the hat the model's wearing~ but you know that. She's the same model from yesterday's post. This is one of my favorite studies ever, perhaps because it was so hard to capture. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's a real struggle. I'm including a picture of the work in progress so you can see for yourself how far from whence I came.
I'll tell you what happened. I was with Carolyn Anderson and she saw my block-in and said, "Oh you're going to have a heck of a time with that brown!" Well, just between you and me, I block in with brown most of the time. I like it. So I said, "What would you have used?" and she said, "Violet." I never want to disregard anything that a master would suggest, so I started violeting up the block-in. This was the process by which I learned that you can't use two color theory strategies at the same time and come out with anything lovely. However, I did really like the violet with the orange. It was just an all out fight to get all the colors to get along on one canvas.

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