Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Double Joy Forever

A little antique Chinese porcelain box was once given to my father-in-law as a gift from a grateful patient. It was called a 17th century paint pot but my searching has only turned up "box," not paint pot. It has a sachet inside, filled with potpourri and tied with white ribbon. The old wooden box, the red ribbon, the white box with the sachet, all of these things are symbolic and very meaningful to me spiritually and they are telling a story.
I worry that I'll turn into The Sermonator, so I'll just let you find your own meaning in the painting.
I'll tell you this though: there are two words on the top of the box, side by side, that spell "Joy" (shuang) and that they're double (xi) means "Double Joy" (shuangxi) and it usually refers to wedded bliss. The vines are sweet pea and are symbols of eternity. And you know what red, white and blue stand for! Thanks so much for visiting this blog; I wish you double joy forever! 

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