Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Over Shoulder Painting

I am just getting back from a wonderful week of painting with my husband. We camped in New Mexico and made daily trips up into Colorado to paint and this was our first day. I was painting a waterfall that was in front of me while the yawning vista beckoned from behind. Also from behind was a wicked storm that struck while I was working. For a bit, my husband was holding an umbrella over me while I painted but when it started to lightning, we packed it in.
My trusty Mini took us everywhere. The star on her antenna was lost, after being her trademark for over 5 years. Either hail or thievery took it, alas. And yes, I'm wearing exactly the same clothes that I was wearing in the last entry in London. I pack light but I can't get in some places.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

John and Julian

I just got back from London; this is the summer of dreams-come-true. I got to visit the studio of my very best hero, John Singer Sargent, which is presently occupied by a wonderful painter named Julian.
I was also able to see (twice!) the John William Waterhouse show at the Royal Academy. He was a very early hero of mine and the show was truly wonderful.
I don't bring my laptop with me when I travel, nor do I have a fancy phone, so when I'm gone, no blogging. I do have some paintings to show you soon, though.
This is a self-portrait of me outside of Sargent's studio: very, very happy.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Patriot

This is a morning painting of the Patriot. It was hard to paint because it drifted quite a bit, so sometimes the boat on the canvas looked twisted. This was another one that was "fixed" after I got my arm back, in the studio.
Like the Warrior, this boat was being refurbished after a mauling by Ike. I debated whether to include the blue tarps but in the end, they worked with the composition.
When the Warrior and the Patriot were drying side by side, it looked like the Patriot was pulling the Warrior along on a leash as their respective lines met almost exactly. I think a warrior and a patriot would work well together, myself, but I'm not sure which would lead whom.