Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Peach, Preserves and Promises

This was a huge birthday bouquet that I started painting a year and a half ago. I blocked in the whole thing and had completed the peach and the preserves when some things happened that made me stop work. Now I'm back to finish things. 
The title reflects two levels of meaning:
On the more superficial level, I recorded the two dead flowers to symbolize broken promises and the death of earth-bound things. The flower nearest the light is still open, symbolizing truth and love, which do survive the real relationships.
On a deeper level, the peach represents life and the preserves represent death (the sweet by-and-by); the flowers reflect the same sentiment.
I love fruit and I love flowers but they come into my home already cut from life. It could be depressing but in real life, that is life! Made more beautiful by the knowledge that, as we know it, it's got an expiration date. So live your life with joy! Fill it with truth and love and with those who truly love you!


  1. I love this picture; and the sentiment is even more beautiful....thank you for your heart! Susan

  2. Thank you Susan, for your heart too <3
    I almost didn't post this one, so I'm doubly grateful for your response :-)

  3. Beautiful, Kim. The painting, and the writing. :)

  4. Thanks LeAnn, for taking the time to comment and for making such an encouraging comment :-)

  5. Wowsa Kim, looks like an SKB winner to me.

  6. Thank you Anonymous :-) It hasn't been entered in anything. But it will be in the still life show in Houston in April!