Thursday, February 6, 2014

RS Hanna Gallery

Of all the news I've had to share with you, I've saved the best for last.

I've joined RS Hanna Gallery of Fredericksburg, TX and am so very pleased to be a part of what they are doing.  This pint-sized powerhouse is packed with high caliber artists from all over, but it was because of who owns it and because it's in Texas that I chose them. 
One of the things that I love about Fredericksburg is the busy art scene, including their First Friday Art Walk every month (  I'll be there every single first Friday that I possibly can be, including this one, in spite of the dire weather forecasts. 
If you get to go, make sure to stop by and meet the wonderful Shannon Hanna and check it out for yourself, you'll love it: (

208 South Llano Street, Fredericksburg, TX 78624
One of the things I love about Shannon is that she doesn't want me to be uni-dimensional; she wants figurative, landscape, genre, and still life!  I'm very happy about that.
She will be representing me exclusively so questions about paintings will go straight to her now.  
In other news, I will have two paintings in the Salon International this year: Something Found and Little Gypsy Girl will stand before the great master, David Leffel, to be scrutinized and judged.  A preview of the show can be seen here:
And last but not least, I am beside myself with excitement as tomorrow I will get to see one of my most favorite masters in a show up in Dallas: Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida, or "Sorolla" to his rabid followers.  Talk about a proficient multi-dimensional artist!  I will be learning some lessons from him.  I have packed already my notebook, my sketch pad, my camera and my binoculars, just in case. 
Here's a link to the show:
I have been able to paint every single day so far this year (except Sundays, my study day) and I would like to be able to say that at the end of the year, so I'm already finagling a way to keep the streak~ wish me luck! 
I hope to see you at all or some of the events listed today, but most of all I want to see you at RS Hanna Gallery!  Come this Friday if you can: the more the warmer!


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Plein Air Magazine

Plein Air Magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Stephen Doherty, has published part of John Pototschnik's article on faith in the field in the current digital edition of his magazine.  He used all new paintings of some of those interviewed by John who do paint en plein air.  I thought that you would like to see it, although the best way is to subscribe to either the digital edition (which has expanded stories and videos), or the hard cover.
Check them out at:

And now, here is the article (click on the pages to enlarge):

For email subscribers, click here to go to the blog in person so you can enlarge them in context:
Thanks and have a wonderful Sunday!