Friday, December 12, 2008

Water Lilies

There's an arboretum a little south of where I live that has something going (growing) all year long. If you can't find just the right tree or bloom, there's always the water! I painted this with my friend and painter pal, Judy Crowe. She has a wonderful blog that you can view just by clicking on my link list. When I paint water lilies, I feel very calm and contemplative on the surface, but underneath I have a nervousness, hurrying to catch certain fleeting effects right after I see them. There were koi under the lilies that would have been a good illustration of this but they wouldn't hold still. I'll show you those in another painting.


  1. I love this painting Kim. It's very peaceful! Hugs, Judy

    PS I remember the day!

  2. wow, Kim, you are busy! The water looks so real in reflection, I feel like I could put my finger in it and cause a ripple.....that's what you are doing, causing a soft, subtle ripple into the art world that will just continue to expand and touch those who are willing to be the Master Painter of Creation.....Susan

  3. it is indeed very peaceful painting.