Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Praise of the Bow

This was my Christmas offering in 1998. I ended up painting 3 musical angels which were all made into cards. Music and art go together as soul-expressions, so joining them figuratively to commemorate the birth of Christ seems appropriate. I especially love stained glass as the symbolic medium: light (God) passing beautifully through multicolored glass (us) to bless the world with its loveliness. That's the soul that is doing what its creator designed it to do, and it is a thing of beauty. I chose watercolor because, like glass, it's transparent and the light passes through it to the white paper and reflects the color back. So much to say, so little space...


  1. So... is this a mosaic or a regular painting. My jaw just dropped when I saw this and your previous post - gorgeous.

  2. Thank you Kelley~ it's a 11x9 regular painting on watercolor paper. When I was doing it, I thought that it might be easier to do a real mosaic!