Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Boat Yard

I am blessed with such a great group of painter friends, whom I call my Painter Peeps. One of them has a house on Lake Livingston and when he has us up, we paint all morning while his beautiful bride makes us a wonderful feast. We come in at lunchtime and scarf it up, then set out for an afternoon painting. This is my afternoon painting. There were many boats in the marina right next to us but these little boats seemed like kids in time out. We happened to get there right as they were peeking out from under the canopy of trees and they asked us to paint them. A few of us obliged.


  1. This is so nice - and the harmonies are beautiful. I love it that you call your art friends Painter Peeps - I call my painter girlfriends my Peeps, too! Aren't we lucky to have them?

  2. Yes, I feel very fortunate to have my Peeps. I think I'm a better painter because of them.