Friday, December 5, 2008

Parrot Tulips

100% of you mentioned the lack of art in my debut post, so I thought I'd show you Parrot Tulips and tell you something about it. This painting is on a museum tour till December '09 and was done to illustrate the Susan K. Black Foundation (go to SKBF's website and click on Blossom Exhibition). Kathleen was a wonderful floral and wildlife painter; the tulips represent her, unique among other tulips. The baby cup (mine) and antique saucer (my husband's) were passed down to us and will be passed down by us. They are vessels for nourishment and symbolize Legacy. The flowers, reaching over these things, are Promise for the future. The fruit is Promise Kept and holds within it the seed of the next generation while feeding this one. In the background is a floral pashmina, which represents Kathleen's husband, Jim Parkman: behind everything, out of the spotlight, unifying, harmonizing, supporting. To learn about Kathleen, this remarkable foundation and their work for the next gen, visit their website! And thanks for visiting me.


  1. Wonderful still life. I really like the reflections on the cup.

  2. Oh Qiang thank you so much! Any praise is high praise from you. I will talk about you, my friend, on my next post...

  3. .Hi Kim I love this painting. I am happy that we are friends.

    Your friend and painting buddy,