Tuesday, December 9, 2008


This is my sketch of the model who sat for us yesterday. I thought of a dozen titles but in the end, I thought they would influence the impression too much so I just called it by her name. No one else in our group included her tattoo in their sketch and I almost left it out as well, but then I decided: it is something that she wants to show so, it is a part of her image. She wore her hat so pushed back as to be almost off her head; one painter commented that it was hard to keep it from looking like a halo. I really liked the idea of that: a dark halo. I played it up a tad by making the cut-outs look a little like stained glass. The tattoo, in the shadow of her hand, was a pentagram and said, "I love Satan." The symbolism is irresistible. I'd be interested in your ideas on including tattoos and also your suggestions on titles for this painting.

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  1. Oh so interesting to tie in the halo to I Love Satan tattoo. You captured such a mood. Hey the hand is great.