Thursday, December 11, 2008

Paperwhite #1

I was given a gift from the woman whose portrait was posted yesterday. It's a bloembox of Paperwhites that she wants me to have in my studio over the holidays. I am very excited about getting them growing but I thought I should share them with you as they do. As time permits, I will paint small dailies of these flowers as they bloom. I have them in front of a northwest window in the studio and I will only paint them in the light of the given day. It snowed yesterday and our light was very different from what we're used to! I originally had an angel in the foreground but it was taking too much time; the whole thing took much longer than it should have. I would like to play and play with the folds of the drape, which were quite intricate compared to my version. My lesson right now is: learn to abbreviate.


  1. Hi Kim! I'm so impressed with your progess on the blog and the paintings! Busy lady. What I'm loving about this painting in particular is the way you lost some edges and the box top looks like it's flying open. Love the colors in the folds. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Not only have you received a gift but we have too, thank you for sharing this with all of us!