Monday, December 15, 2008

Patricia's Pitcher

This still life set up was a group effort and the items belong to painter Pat Meyer. We had just finished watching Qiang Huang do a magical demo and were totally psyched to paint our own magic. The real set up had some sort of branch in the little bottle. I hadn't quite finished when it was time to pack it in so I brought the painting back to my own studio and faked a set up with a peacock feather there instead. That will just be our little secret.


  1. Oh you are too sweet! Love what you did with the pitcher. The colors are just wonderful. The addition of the peacock feather adds the needed height and personality. You go Girl!!!! Great Painting

  2. I love this still life. The peacock feather is a unique idea and really works. It seems like the other aspects of the scene pick up the differing shades of blue or turquoise from the feather.

  3. Haha! Thank you Pat and Gene~
    Mary, the workshop was so good that I went to his next one and wrote an article on him. He's smart and personable, a good painter and a good teacher. Did I say "good" enough? ;-)