Monday, December 8, 2008


Today, I painted with some old friends who paint together every Monday. Among them is Sherwin, who was a student of Bill Mosby's at the same time that Richard Schmid was. A summer ago, Sherwin and I painted each other painting each other; this is him with my effort. You can see it up-close on my website. I used a very limited palette and tried to capture his likeness without using any drawing lines. That is not easy for a linear thinker. It was a fun day but there was no air conditioner in the studio so it was very, very hot work.
I have heard from many of you via email that you are unable to leave comments here; we're working to find out why. Thank you for writing anyway, and for your enthusiasm! My plan is to post a blog every weekday so that we can stay connected. Some days it looks like I miss a day but that's just because the clock doesn't understand that it's still the same day, even if it's after midnight.