Thursday, February 3, 2011

Late Light study

While in Wyoming, we were determined to do at least one sunset painting, preferably of the mountains. We were finally able to do that this day only by pulling over on the side of the road and setting up our gear. Yes, it was that hard to find an outstanding view.

On the left is my finished 10x8; on the right, the work in progress, as seen from the tailgate of our truck where I sat to avoid the wind and the wild mountain ants.


  1. altho they stung, the ants in my pants was one of the funniest things that happened on that trip. you two showed great kindness and restraint in not wetting your pants with laughter as I danced around, swatting my legs.

  2. Russ said that if you saw us laughing, you might stop so restraint, yes. Kindness? I guess. We call your moves "The Dubois Ants Dance."

  3. Abby, well, you know what she is. I can't defend her ;-)