Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Johnny Ringo

One day while we were in Wyoming, several local cowboys came to pose for us. This cowboy's name is John Phelps, the father of Chance Phelps, about whom the movie Taking Chance was made, starring Kevin Bacon~ you should watch it. Chance gave his young life for us in Iraq. John also served our country in Vietnam; actually every member of this family is a hero. Chance's mom and sister WALKED from California to Wyoming to honor Chance, for example.
And John is a wonderful artist, plus he hand-tools most of his cowboy accoutrements and tells really great stories.
This day, he was on Lee Cable's horse. Lee is also an outstanding artist and horseman. I had quite a time trying to paint these two from life. The horse, while very good, moved a little bit over here, a little bit over there~ just enough to give me fits. So Lee strolls by and says he doesn't like my horse's feet and I just handed him my brush. He met the challenge and painted the bottom of the legs and the feet. We then both signed it and it sold for a pretty little penny at an auction later that week. I totally want a do-over though. It was a challenge that I think I'm better prepared for now. I wonder if I could find a cowboy here in Texas.

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