Monday, February 7, 2011

Geyser Creek

I'm attaching 3 pictures today so that you can experience Geyser Creek in a somewhat greater context than just the painting alone. I would love to include pics of my husband on his lawn chair behind us, keeping guard, and the wonderful squadron of vintage planes that flew over us—but, for now, just the creek.

Geyser Creek twists and turns along the Wind River range. Bob and I were situated in the crook of a tight bend and there was a fairly steep wall of brick red rock on the other side of the creek. As we were pitching our gear, a mule deer scrambled up the sheer face of that wall to distract us (and our trusty watchdog, Abby) while his family took off in the other direction. I got some excellent shots of him silhouetted on the top, checking to make sure they were safe.

Painting with a friend out next to the cool, singing water while the hot sun bakes you in the thin air; it must be like a commercial for heaven. We worked very hard to capture the movement of the water and the abruptness of the red wall. For mine, I attacked the canvas with a palette knife to describe the wall, and splattered some paint over the brushstrokes to describe the energetic little waterfall action. I hope this small 8x10 conveys some of the grandeur.


  1. Hello. I love your bright brick red rock!

  2. Perfectly 'described'... I could just step right in...

  3. @LeAnn: Abby's our doggie
    @Bob: see note above, re "Firefox" :-)
    And, you call that a heckle? you'd better Hyde, Jeckle.