Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rainy's Sense of Style

The lovely daughter of a painter in our Monday group, this is Rainy. The child really has a unique sense of style, with her fur vest, shell flower earrings, spangled bandana, and what you cannot see: her large necklace, yellow sequined mini dress with black and white pleated petticoats and polka dotted tennis shoes.
Despite her youth, she has a quiet, grown-up bearing; she struck such a sweet and regal pose for us that I think most of us fell in love with her. We were lucky enough to have her for two weeks in a row, so a lot of us got either two paintings or one 6-hour life painting. Not bad for $5 a day!
This painting has been selected to be in the Salon International this year, to be judged by the most honorable Daniel Greene. 
Young Rainy does not appear flapped at all by the news.  

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