Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Horse Creek

I've been meeting a group of artists out in Wyoming for several years; we go to mostly the same places to paint every year. This last visit was different because for the first time, instead of flying in, I drove up from Texas with my husband, Russ (and dog!). It looked like the same schedule of events on paper but bringing my better half along ensured that it would be an entirely new and exciting experience. For example, I have crossed over this creek many times and painted it from different vantage points, but this time, I explored it with Russ. He's pretty fearless.
At one point he said, "Hey, you should go down there and paint: that's a real nice view of the creek!" as he pointed down the one-storey vertical drop to the creek bed. There was only the slightest bit of edge between the water and the wall and I was dubious. He did not hesitate, however, to begin preparations. He lowered me down the cliff by rope, then supplied me with my gear by the same method. Everywhere we painted that week he would set up a guard spot to protect us from bears, and he did so this time, too. That's him in the red lawn chair.

So, with one leg of my trusty soltek in the drink, I safely painted a vantage point of Horse Creek that may never have been painted before. None of the other artists knew I was there that day, so cleverly placed was I. The morning was happily painted on to this 8x10 panel, never to be forgotten.


  1. Beautiful painting Kim! You nailed it! Looks like a similar spot to where I go sometimes in the High Sierras. It is cathartic to paint running water like that. It is also great when a husband supports your efforts! A good man! Mine will help lug my art supplies to treacherous places too. Awesome experience!

  2. Love your water fall piece! I didn't know you have a blog??? Now I do!

  3. Haha, Jeff! What you don't know about me would fill... a thimble!
    Esther, I just checked out your blog and see we're kindred spirits! Yes, it's cathartic, but it also makes me have to go to the bathroom :-/
    Thanks for visiting!

  4. What a fun adventure, Kim! You've got the perfect personal assistant there - guarding you from BEARS!! no less... And what a great painting you did that day - I love it! And thanks for sharing - nobody would ever have known, otherwise! :)

  5. Beautiful painting!