Monday, June 18, 2012

Retired from Service Station

When traveling to Austin or San Antonio, I often stop for gas at a service station in Giddings. I always admire this scene while filling up my gas tank and scraping bugs off my windshield. It makes me think of the beautiful, interesting and mysterious things that lie along the side of our country roads. The last time I was there though, I had a sudden panic that, being as these buildings are on the outskirts of the town, they might not have much longer to live. Strip-malling (mauling) is making more and more places look the same now, but there are some spots that still show the unique thing that put them on the map in the first place.
I have no idea what these quonset huts were for but whatever it was, Giddings needed them by the railroad and the highway so they must have been important. Meanwhile, the old service station is in the parking lot of a new service station, like a grandpappy sitting in a rocker out on the porch, watching the comings and goings. 
At this hour, the sun was striking them all just right, and I was struck too, with the determination to record them in this moment. This is morning light in a day's cycle but twilight in a life cycle.

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