Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Houston Ship Channel, 8x8. sold

Way in the distance, you can see the sparkling white line of the tank farms on the horizon, brighter than the clouds they were! The Houston ship channel is as busy as any major airport and floats every kind of vessel you can think of. It's surrounded by the arterial systems of roadways and train tracks; you get some kind of life-buzz watching it!
This is a view from a bridge going over the San Jacinto River late in the day. I believe the black hills in the foreground are coal.
I know that all of these buildings and barges have business to do but for me, they are fantastic light reflectors, their shapes and colors teasing my eyes.
I like that the earth is so intent on its job, but the sky with its carefree clouds wafts around overhead, a happy spectator. It participates in the light effects of the play below without even glancing at the script. 

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