Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Longpool Window

I did 2 paintings at Longpool in Arkansas; this is the afternoon painting. The morning painting was weaker and my excuse is that I was suffering from motion sickness after the windy backseat ride to this primo spot. This was my "window of well," as the trip back was worse and that evening was the only time that I didn't go out on the town with my peeps after painting :-(  But that was the night that I got to paint the cooling tower so it was not a total loss. This 8x10 was done in the shade on top of a cliff, looking through an opening to the longpool below. I was mostly in love with the sinewy arm of the tree trunk, twining down to the determined fingers of the roots that grabbed and clung to the side of the cliff. It reminded me of a strong old man.


  1. Something is different in this painting, Kim; at least to me....there's clarity and depth, and it wants to pull me into the scene. I feel like I could walk right into the painting and touch that trunk. I love it! Susan

  2. Thank you Susan, that means a lot and I value your comment. I have received email responses to this one too; very encouraging :-)

  3. Thank you Joan, you just totally made my day :-)