Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Showgirl Backstage

 Here is a double post with a double meaning-title. 
The first picture is a backstage glimpse of a painting in progress of a showgirl, which is the second picture: a painting of a showgirl backstage.
The artwork taped behind the model is from a children's art class that took place earlier in the week. I never did put those into my painting, choosing to work exclusively on the girl while I had her in front of me. This is a lesson I learned from a master painter, who humiliated a couple of painters in his class that were working on the background first, while the model was fresh. More important for me, on these painting days when a group of us hires a model, is the awareness that we only have 3 hours with the model, including breaks. PAINT FAST.
Once I got back to my own studio, I made up posters to go behind her from my imagination. Then I set up a mirror to counterbalance the composition, which was heavy on the left. The model and the mask are looking toward the right; the mirror is sitting in the sweet spot, looking toward the left. The unicorn is also facing the left and that helps. Overall, I think it works.
This week I'm finishing paintings started on my trip last week to the Gulf Coast of Alabama. I'm also doing color charts for my class, and I'm finishing paintings that will be part of my upcoming Artist in Residency in north Texas. In short, I'm busier than a one-armed paper-hanger, to quote my dad. Thanks a lot for visiting and come back soon! 

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