Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Karlee as Victorian Woman

I'm almost ready to leave on another trip: my second stay as one of the Artists in Residence, sponsored by the Clarksville Historical Society. My partner in residence is the wonderful pastel landscape artist, D.LaRue Mahlke: www.dlaruemahlke.com, who is prominently featured in the current issue of Southwest Art magazine: http://www.southwestart.com/featured/mahlke-d-mar2013
The last time we were there, we did a public demonstration on the veranda of the historic Lennox House. Our model was a local girl, posing in a lace dress that belonged to the original owner of the house.
It was a wonderful thing to be inserted into the timeline of Clarksville, known as the Gateway to Texas. To meet the people who descended from the original settlers and hear their stories, to stay in the home of a family who has been so influential in the history of the area, and to become part of its legacy is a wonderful thing to me. The last time there, we witnessed the changing of the seasons, from summer to fall. Now it's time to catch the first blossoms of spring! 

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