Wednesday, March 7, 2012

White Lace Parasol

This is Chelsea, one of my favorite models.  I met her at the Salon International in 2011 and she began modelling for me shortly afterward.  This painting of her is in the International Museum of Contemporary Masters of Fine Art and is currently in the 2012 Salon International (see banner below), the very locale of our first meeting! 
It is a profound blessing to be able to spend time with such a beautiful person, working together to try to create something that is also beautiful. 
The concept of this painting was light temperature and the pose explores line.  The contour on the left side of the figure is one long, graceful line.  The complement of this, on the right side of the figure, is the quick and active line of the parasol points and the tops of the model's hands.  The color scheme is also complementary: red and green.  This yin and yang energizes an otherwise quiet composition and hopefully excites and satisfies the viewer at the same time.
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