Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Summer Sonnet

Keli, my model and sweet young friend, is the subject of this painting.  She is an athlete who loves to read and who never wears a dress.  To pose her in a dress with a parasol is funny only to us because we know who she is.  She is also a romantic and lovely woman, though she hasn't fully embraced this aspect of herself.  I see it, and she sees it when she looks at paintings I've done of her.  It has been a joy exploring the potential of ourselves in this series of parasol paintings.
This piece, 24x18 oil on linen (like the painting below), framed in gold, is in the International Museum of Contemporary Masters of Fine Art and is currently in the 2012 Salon International hosted by Greenhouse Gallery in San Antonio, Texas.


  1. Kim, these are stunning! Congratulations!!

  2. Kim, these are stunning! Congratulations!!

  3. Thank you, so great hearing from you! Your place here is still saved~ current occupants don't know it but the rest of us can take care of that :-)
    Thanks a bunch for commenting; hope all's well