Monday, March 1, 2010


I have been gone for a week of fabulous plein air painting with the Outdoor Painters Society at Big Bend.
On our first day there, it was in the 80's and we set up on the Rio Grande, right outside of Lajitas in the Texas State Park.
Our subject was Contrabando, a 25 year old movie set that's been featured in 9 movies, and that was under water last year during a flood! There was a building about where we were set up that was washed away and the remaining structures were very damaged, adding to their authenticity.
The Rio Grande is just feet behind us, 6 feet higher than normal level because Mexico was releasing water. It made the river milky green and ferocious; scared my doggie!
The buildings that I chose to paint were the church and a small casa that was half buried in sand. Right behind them was an odd hill of the brightest red. The satellite view shows a red streak coming right through town, like someone painted it! We had to catch that local color by painting Terlingua red later that evening.


  1. This is my first visit to your blog, and I love your painting, as well as your writing! After scrolling down and enjoying your plein air, your veggies, etc. I went back to the top - and couldn't remember your NAME, and couldn't find it anywhere! I even looked at the 'About Me' on the side, but it's completely covered by an image of you painting. I assume you are not trying to blog incognito.. just thought you'd want to know... Your work is great, but it would have been nice to scan the side of the blog for your name and a little about you (where you're located, etc) I take it you're in the desert, California or Arizona?

  2. Wow, Kelley, thanks a lot! Somehow the profile pic slid over the name :-\ I'll get right on that~ and add my name to the top, too.
    I live in the Houston area but on this trip, we were in Big Bend, also in Texas.
    I thought the only one reading my blog was my mom ;-) She knows my name and where I live, lol!
    Thanks for visiting and for cluing me in.