Thursday, June 25, 2009

Plein Air Judy

A group of artists went to Louisiana last month to paint shrimp boats and local scenes, and sometimes each other! This is my very dear friend Judy, working on a painting under the cover of a deck that belongs to a house that blew away in Hurricane Ike. There was much devastation still in evidence there, but the people are resilient, rebuilding and very friendly.
This is a tiny painting, 4x6, same size as the Drake Paul painting. It took me as long to paint my tiny paintings as it took my friends to paint 9x12's, and to be honest, I was glad my arm was in a sling. The truth is, on my best day with no gimp-card, it would take me a long time compared to them. I'm a slow painter and then I spend even more time with the paintings once I'm back in the studio!
Judy is wearing a neat hat, same kind that my friend Marty is wearing in the San Leon painting. It collapses into nothing so it packs well, then springs into action when unfolded: the perfect plein air accessory!

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