Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mystic Lake

This was a great day. It started first thing in the morning at the coffee shop, where I met Sherwin. We got some coffees and set out for Mystic Lake. This is the little 8x10 product resulting from the day.

We both put our gear under a big tree, but as I set up my trusty soltek, Sherwin decided to take the better view, out in the fresh morning sunshine. As the day wore on and the sun got brutal, I waited for him to make me scoot over, but he never did. He endured the sun without even a peep of complaint. Sherwin's in his 80's. Now that's impressive.


  1. I love your setup! Extremely organized. Cheers.

    Clayrn Darrow
    The Guild of Motley

  2. You know what Robert Henri said: "Order is perceived by the man with a creative spirit. It is achieved by the man who sincerely attempts to express himself and thus naturally follows organic law...Order begets order."