Friday, January 9, 2009

Joe Painting Bluebonnets

This is from one of those paint-outings with my peeps that I was telling you about. We were just outside of Brenham, where they make Bluebell Ice Cream. They say the cows think Brenham is heaven. Some years, the bluebonnets are unbelievable and some years, we get skipped. I don't know why that is. Bluebonnets are not easy to paint but you wouldn't think them daunting if you went by the absolute plethora of bluebonnet paintings that flood the market here every spring. While I was painting Joe, I was flanked by 2 other painters, one of my dogs was at my feet, and about 50 head of cattle kept peeking over the hill behind us. Very cozy out in the wide open spaces.


  1. Very pretty, but is the foreground a little too dominant? Maybe the bluebonnets are a touch too blue.

  2. The combination of my digital camera and your computer monitor is rough on actual pigment color. The blue works on the real painting; maybe not so much on the reproduced painting.