Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rapt Romance, 24x18. sold

Rapt Romance, which was selected to show in the 85th Grand National Exhibition in NYC by the American Artists' Professional League and just won the Dianne Rudy Memorial Award, is also the 7th painting from the Power & Peace show that has sold. 
When I met the new owners of the work, I was deeply touched by how the painting affected them, especially the woman, Julie.  She felt a kinship with the girl in the painting, curled up with a book.  The painting officially became hers today and I wrote the poem below to go with the painting, into her life. 
Rapt Romance:

Rapt Romance

On her stone bench, face aglow
What she's thinking, who can know?
Within thin pages lives the beau
Who stole her heart away.

The rapt romance developed so
Her heart beat fast, time seemed to slow
All earthly loves she would forgo
To spend her life with him.

But creeping o'er her shoulder lo!
The sun's alarm, like a cock's crow
The worldly hour its light doth throw
A shadow o'er her dream.

But in her heart, love's seed did sow
A romance that would ever grow
Like sunflowers painted by Van Gogh
Are Julie's books to her.


  1. What a beautiful painting and a lovely poem. Your collectors are very fortunate indeed.

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    1. Thank you so much, Karla! I feel like I'm the fortunate one.