Monday, February 18, 2013

Little Liza

M2P2=Monday Morning Portrait Painters
There are a million people in the room on Mondays and if you are late getting there, you get what you get. And by "late," I mean "not early." The early bird gets to sit, and gets to see the model without binoculars (although one early-bird sitter often uses binoculars anyway, no kidding). This Monday, there wasn't even room against the far wall, so I took the extreme oblique position. My grandmother used to play semi-pro basketball and she was famous for her ability to sink swishers from such an angle: the corner of the court, under duress. I try to tap that same spirit of courage and determination, attempting the shot in spite of the silly position and no backboard.
If there were a ref and a scoreboard, I would know for sure how I did. I would like that. But it's probably better this way.

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