Friday, April 20, 2012


I never posted a few of the paintings I wanted to show you from our plein air trip to New Mexico. I will do so now. This is one: a zig-zaggy view of the rugged landscape around the northern part of the state. I was laughing so hard on the road to this place, tempting fate as we were; our campsite was not too far away and we were exploring the vicinity in our little Mini Cooper. Not a great off-road vehicle, with it's really neato low-profile tires and ground-hugging stance. In my imagination, they would find our bones one day and say, "Too bad about the dead people but wow, cool car and really great painting!" I would not have died in vain.


  1. Sweet painting! I don't get by often, but like to keep in touch with what you are painting. This is a gem!

  2. I love when you visit! Thanks for leaving an encouraging message, Awesome Debra :-)