Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Greenhouse Gallery

Here's another very cool thing that I discovered by accident: out of the 415 paintings juried into the show, they picked 3 to represent it on the banner for Greenhouse Gallery's homepage. I had to access the site to verify the price of one of my paintings and when it opened, VOILA! there was James!
It was a moment when, I was so surprised and thrilled that I just spontaneously yelled, "HEY!" to no one, and only scared the dog and the bird. But HEY! I still showed them! I don't know if it will stay up but so far, it's been the only banner, and it's been up since February.
I know I have some show week to go but it's going to be really, really hard to top what's already happened.
Thank you for stopping by and hopefully sharing my joy. You can view the whole show on line by clicking here:  but if you find yourself anywhere near Greenhouse Gallery in San Antonio, it's much, much better to see it in real life. They did a fantastic job of hanging and lighting all those very different paintings. It's a delight to walk from room to room and see what's coming in from all over the world (15 countries represented) in representational art. I'm so proud of us!