Friday, January 8, 2010

Still Life with Winchester

Honorable Mention, Salon International 2010
This still life was orchestrated by my husband and also included a cigar box with 7 red and green shotgun shells, which (shockingly!) I could not fit into the 16x20"canvas. He set it up in our kitchen and set the easel up for me in the breakfast room. We had to squeeze around it for the duration of the painting process. By the time it was finished, the concord grapes were concord raisins, the rose petals had gone from wilty to crispy, and the squash was growing something greenish blue. The really fun thing though, was that I had to drink that wine every night while I was cleaning up.
Never waste a good glass of wine.


  1. Beautiful - really admire the way you handled the glass - I'm so jealous someone else set up your still life, that would be fun, not knowing exactly what you are going to paint and I think challenging because you don't somehow stick to the things you like to paint or know you can paint.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Lisa~ I just visited your blog and really like your fresh, loose style!
    Yes, it was a REAL challenge and I resisted it, but I did it for him and it was an adventure. You are insightful.

  3. that is a fabulous still life and a great painting.

  4. Oh Mary, Thank you so much. It's a finalist in the Salon International 2010; I'm very happy :-)