Thursday, September 24, 2009

Whiskey Creek, 8x10. sold

I believe the exact name of this creek is Torrey Creek but it is located in Whiskey Basin and they call it Whiskey Creek because, according to locals, cowboys used to hide their whiskey in the creek to keep it cool in the summer. Sounds good to me.
This is a plein air painting looking down into the creek, no horizon or even anything other than the creek itself. There will be more paintings from this locale forthcoming. The basin was carved out by a glacier and a glacier can be seen from where I was standing, along with bighorn sheep moseying around. This was an ecstatic day, I must say.
This painting sold while I was in Wyoming, still wet, but another person also wanted it so I painted it twice.  The first time was such a joyous breeze.  The second time was very hard.  I don't know why that was but I am going to try not to do that again.  I'm very grateful that there was that kind of union of vision for us, but maybe next time, I'll paint a little bit different painting of the same spot.  


  1. Beautiful...I would have liked to sit by this creek just by "feeling" it through your painting...Susan

  2. Susan, what a neat thing to say! It was a "feeling" kind of painting, complete with sound track.
    Thank you very much for your comment.