Thursday, April 16, 2009


This is the site of the morning painting of Tuesday's paint-out. Judy and I were in a field beside a busy road and were plagued by drive-by honkers. Many jerks of brush reflected on canvas due to jerks of road. They could not lessen the sheer joy of our morning, though.
The barn in the distance was falling apart and I thought of painting it newer, since that would be easier. I just loved it's faithfulness, though: the stalwart sentinel, still watching over the field... I thought I owed it to the barn to give it a go.

If I'd gotten this shot just a hair lower, all the lines would have lined up. I could not actually see the scene on the screen of my camera, so I'm lucky that it came out at all.
Just behind us was the quaintest operation going on: a young man and an old woman were hand-picking a crop of some sort, stacking and crating it, while an old man worked from his tractor. If it hadn't felt so invasive to do so, I'd have faced them and tried to depict their work. I did take pictures of them so maybe someday...


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    Have a great day!!!

  2. Thank you! I was in Seoul briefly in 1983 on my way to the Philippines. You have a beautiful country and I am glad to meet you.

  3. It was great painting with you Kim! Thanks for settling on this spot with me. The traffic was a little maddening but it was a good day in spite of that and we did get some good photo shots (with your camera since my was dead!) Anyway, have a great trip and tell your mom hello for me! Love ya-

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  5. I'm thinking that you mean the American Artist article, and if so, thank you!
    The template isn't available but I'm really glad you like it~ thanks again!

  6. Judy, I don't know how I missed your comment but thanks. I had such a good time with you that day, made sweeter by the knowledge that this view hasn't got much longer to live. I do hope to make a "real" painting out of this little sketch when I'm time-ahead.