Friday, February 11, 2011

James' Game of Risk

Our middle son James was home for several days in January, taking care of some business. He was so gracious to consent to sit for me over a 3 day period, in his work jacket. I have never had a better model. He kept the pose perfectly, and even when I called out break time, he sat. I said, "Go ahead and take a break!" and he said, "I'll get up when you stop painting."
I left the final painting as a vignette and placed the game of Risk in the background, to symbolize where it feels like James is right now: just getting ready to graduate from college, breaking out, ready to conquer the world, and taking risks.
James' painting is going along with Rainy's to the Salon International this year. I'm picking out the frames right now and I think they'll both end up in something simple and brown.
I will be out of town until Monday after next so, unless I can post from where I'm staying, this may be my last post until then. Thank you so much for visiting my blog; I'll see you soon.

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