Monday, January 12, 2009

Stone Castle Ranch

The Oil Painters of America had their regional paint out near Fredericksburg for us Texans. A generous land-owner gave us complete run of his beautiful ranch, named Stone Castle after his house (guess what it looks like). I did one painting in the morning and then this painting in the afternoon.
For this one, I was perched on the bitter edge of a cliff and the freezing cold wind was actually funny, it was so fierce. Even I couldn't believe that I was going to try to do a painting there, but my husband was with me and I wanted to impress him with my prowess.

I had to hold my panel with one hand and the leg of my trusty Soltek with my feet the whole time to keep things from blowing away. At one point, I almost fell down the cliff trying to catch a paper towel and I could not feel my face or fingers until later that night. This is the fastest painting I've ever done. 5x7, done in one hour flat.


  1. Painter with passion! I was there also but YOU are motivated by the brief opportunity to capture the mood of the moment'........that IS painting your JOY! I was staying warm in the car. Great OPA Paint Out. k

  2. Yes,but you drove all the way from Lubbock and painted a beautiful plein air piece, like you've been doing it for years instead of teaching art to others! I was proud to paint with you, k. thx for comment~

  3. Hee hee...Ive had that kind of experience painting with a workshop group in the Grampians in Vic miserable at the time, and so funny in hindsight!